It’s my muses birthday and everyone forgot except for your muse. Upon seeing my muse heartbroken at the fact that no one celebrated their birthday, what would your muse do to cheer them up?



He’s like a kid with a broken toy 

No. You know what this is? This is Dean finally emotionally snapping. Kevin’s dead, Cas is AWOL, Charlie is off in Oz, Sam doesn’t want anything to do with him past keeping their relationship purely professional, Crowley is a literal mess, and they barely just escaped the crazy with dude with their lives. If Crowley hadn’t been around, Sam would’ve been brutally tortured because of Dean, and Dean could have done absolutely nothing to have stopped it. On top of that, the first blade is making him feel feelings, and I’m sure we can all agree that those feelings are not the good sort. He’s been completely emotionally drained, everything he knew as a fact is turning upside down and inside out, he’s been messing up so much lately, and he’s really feeling like he’s unwanted since his one pillar of support, Sam, is currently keeping him at arm’s length. The Impala, which represents so much more than just a car, is the one thing that is always a constant in Dean’s life. The impala is important to him. And it being keyed was the last straw for his emotional breakdown. Look at his face in the last gif— he’s barely keeping himself together. 


T’es pas moche quand même.. on We Heart It.


T’es pas moche quand même.. on We Heart It.


Victor Elias Trevor

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Adult Fc: Tom Hiddleston

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Relationship Status: budding [Antoinette Debois]

Story: An old and trusted friend of Sherlock’s, Victor was once a member of the same drug ring the detective was, only it took years into adulthood for him to escape. Whilst on the brink of a suicidal death, Victor met a future version of The Doctor-who in mist of a regeneration- attempted to save the man, causing their essences to merge. Victor is The Doctor and The Doctor is Victor, but together they are altogether something new. Vic travels through space and time with his ‘nieces and nephews’ as well as others they tend to bring along.